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Found My Animal Ombre Leash



Inspired by a family member working as a fisherman, the founder made her rescue pup the very first 3-strand, hand-spliced and whipped rope leash back in 2006. Nothing like it existed in the market, so by 2007, FOUND MY ANIMAL got started making the same unique nautical leads for our customers. 

Custom made, adjustable handspliced leash with 2 clips plus 2 moveable rings so you can wear it numerous ways.  Solid brass hardware and black ombre rope hand dyed in Brooklyn by Valerie Skakun of April May June.  UV resistant, extremely strong but soft to the touch.  Perfect for small and large dogs alike.

All of our accessories are U.S. made. Our accessories are meant to last and last. Nothing ages more beautifully than marine-grade rope and metals or waxed canvas. 

We use rugged, all-weather materials. You can hand or machine wash any of our leashes or waxed canvas wear. 

7 feet long

8mm diameter


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