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Honeycomb Studio Longhorn Steer Antler


Originally: $195.00

The largest piece in The Antler Series, this longhorn steer antler has been hand-cast in porcelain and measures approximately 17 inches long. The white, porcelain body has been covered by a hand-mixed, clear glaze for a more polished and high-end finish. This antler has been left hollow and light weight.

This sculptural horn allows you to bring the decorative, architectural element of a deer antler into your home without the taxidermy “ick factor”. These antlers would look beautiful as objets d'art that add style to any coffee table or bookshelf.

**Because each antler is handmade, all measurements are approximate and the finished product may differ slightly from the antler in the picture. **

 Please note: Because these antlers are made in an independent studio without the use of commercial kilns, your antler may have three small pin-prick marks on the bottom. These marks are caused by handmade stilts that keep the antler from fusing to the kiln and we view them as happy evidence of the handmade process. 

Honeycomb Studio is a small batch, handmade porcelain shop created by Courtney Hamill. Working from her backyard studio in Atlanta's West Midtown district, Courtney designs and executes small-scale porcelain sculptures by hand. Each piece that comes from her studio has been hand-made, either on the wheel or cast from an original mold, one-at-a-time so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike.


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