Antique Bottled Long Fireplace Matches - White Poetry

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"Nothing becomes familiar in the dark. So be a flame. Be a flame, if only to evidence time's metronome, reacting to invisible tides, leaning to the whims of any breeze of gravity. Be a flame even if, and maybe especially, if there are none. Be a flame even if only to paint gold the faces of those who are closest. Alight, our chests rise and fall the same. Be a flame or at least be its student. Learn the smoke: dissipate from the crown of your head, fold your visible light and float upward." - Sean Kearney 

Made in the USA.

  • Contains 120 matchsticks
  • Strike on bottle flint
  • Glass bottle with cork
  • 10.5" high x 3" wide
  • Silk-screened glass
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