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Hand Dipped Silver Metallic & White "Found Books"



Indulge in your love of books and all things pretty with these decorative, parchment-hand-bound books.

These are miscellaneous "found books," sourced by an independent artisan (some are retired library books, others are children's books--you never know what life your book has already lived!) that are carefully deconstructed and artistically reassembled by hand.

The term "found book" originates from the French objet trouvé, describing art created from undisguised, but often modified, objects or products that are not normally considered art, usually because they already serve some non-art purpose.

These beauties make a stylish addition to any bookshelf, coffee table, or nightstand and are a great conversation piece!

Buy 1 book individually or buy multiple to create your own set.

  • Books are sold individually
  • Books are bound in parchment paper
  • Books are not blank-page diaries/journals
  • These are miscellaneous vintage and contemporary books that have been re-bound  by hand in the USA by an independent artisan
  • The artisan has altered only the spinal binding of the books
  • Because these are handmade products the coloring, texture and prints themselves may vary slightly
  • Available in 2 different sizes; standard & extra large coffee table size

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