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The Rules Letter Opener


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The letter openeri s a bold object and a perfect addition to the desk landscape. Constructed from brass-plated alloy, and equipped with a hole to hang it by, the functionality of this piece extends beyond what the name suggests.  

Engraved on one side are centimeter metrics measuring up to 15 centimeters and the slogan, “Break the rules.”  On the other side are inch metrics, measuring up to six inches and exclaiming, “Follow the rules.”  

Historically, the letter opener is best known for its role in Patrick Henry’s iconic speech to the Virginia Convention in 1775.  Prior to the United States’ independence Henry convinced the Virginia House of Burgesses to deliver troops to fight in the Revolutionary War by exclaiming, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”  He then pretended to plunge a letter opener into his side for dramatic effect.

Well it worked.  We won the Revolutionary War and are now the great country that we are.  This just goes to prove that sometimes in life we must “BREAK THE RULES.”

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