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Vintage Inspired 75Cts Porcelain Absinthe Bistro Coaster



Bistro saucers served a dual purpose in the pre-ban absinthe era. Besides serving as a coaster, they also functioned to indicate the price of absinthe being served. The price was written on the inside rim or bottom of the saucer and was use to advise the customer of the price of his absinthe. When the patron was ready to pay, the waiter could count the stacked saucers by tallying the various colored rims to determine the total of what was owed. The money was then generally left inside the coaster itself. In this case, the glass of absinthe would have cost 75 French centimes (like cents in U.S. currency).

Use it in the kitchen as a dipping dish, on your nightstand as a trinket dish, on your coffee table to hold decorative matches, desk for paperclips, or as an actual absinthe coaster.

This saucer features a hand-painted rim in red with red and silver accented pinwheel lines.

  • High quality porcelain.
  • Hand painted rim and pinwheels.
  • Paint and text are fired into the saucer. They will not fade.
  • Saucer measures approximately 4.75" in diameter by .75" tall.
  • Height inside saucer measures .5".
  • Made in Baton Rouge

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