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The Art of the Gallery Wall

Adding art to your walls is one of the easiest ways to add color, depth, texture, personality, and a story to the place you call home. A popular way to do so is with the ever-popular gallery wall. Gallery wall execution can sometimes feel daunting and a bit tricky though, or sometimes a bit “one-and-done.” They don't have to be though! Your gallery wall should feel like a collection. The beauty of a gallery wall is that it can grow and evolve as you continue to add new pieces. Each piece you add should carry a special feeling, memory, or moment.  

The process of laying out and hanging a gallery wall can be quite intimidating. So if you’re feeling hesitant in putting a bunch of holes in the wall, there are several things to consider even before that hammer is in your hand.

Mandy Kellogg Rye has broken down a few easy steps, tricks and tips to keep in mind as you’re beginning your wall. It involves some planning and the right tools and will take some time to get it just right.

  1. Start with a hero, or anchor piece where your eye will go first. You will want you art in all different shapes and sizes. Consider choosing one large "wow" piece to make a statement.

  2. Laying your collection of art on the floor. You’ll be able to visualize different setups and make easy adjustments and tweaks. Once you have everything on the floor the way you’d like take a picture of it with your phone in case you forget exactly what piece went where as you begin to dissect it.

  3. Try not to hang everything too closely together, you want about 2-3 inches at least between pieces.  

  4. Mix up the levels at which you hang, you don’t want it too look like perfect rows, instead try to hang pieces just above or below the other pieces.

  5. A wall wouldn’t be complete without 3D accents. You want the gallery wall to have a personality and feel that it’s been collected over time. By mixing and matching frames, as well as incorporating illustrations, paintings, prints and 3-D objects (like a juju feather hat or sconce), you create an eclectic, lived-in feel. 

  6. Gather all of the tools you’ll need to see the project from start to finish. This includes: a hammer, nails, level, tape measurer, pencil & eraser, blue painter’s tape, a small notebook (which is helpful for writing down the measurements of the art) and a screwdriver.

There is no specific formula for laying out a beautiful gallery wall. Know that your gallery wall can always move, evolve and grow! If particular pieces don't incorporate well in the gallery, there is another wall or shelf in your home where it could work.

So what are you waiting for? Add more art to your home! Create a wall that doesn’t shy from the bold or colorful with our new selection of art. These pieces are perfect to layer together or incorporate with your existing art. Share your gallery wall and your favorite featured pieces with us by tagging #WelcomeHome.


"Untitled 31" by Sunny Goodwin
"Golden Spirea" by Kate Roebuck
"Black Grey 1" by Hable Construction
"Wildflowers IV" by Judith Bigham
"Wildflowers VI" by Judith Bigham
"Dia" by Zoe Bios Creative
"Floating Fragments on Pink" by Marie Lawyer
"Wildflowers VII" by Judith Bigham

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