enjoy free shipping to the continental u.s. on orders over $250!
enjoy free shipping to the continental u.s. on orders over $250!

Decor: baskets

Cottage Biscuit Basket *PREORDER*
Cottage Fruit Basket *PREORDER*
Cottage Daisy Basket *PREORDER*
Oval Waste Basket White Wash
Rattan White Wash Toliet Paper Holder
Rattan Open Storage  Basket, Antique Brown
Rattan Open Storage  Basket, White Wash
Rattan Everything Basket, Antique Brown
Rattan Everything Basket, White Wash
Rattan Antique Brown Toliet Paper Holder
VIETRI White Woven Basket, Small
VIETRI Large White Woven Basket
VIETRI White Woven Bread Basket
White Wash Rattan Round Basket / Bowl
Antique Brown Rattan Round Basket / Bowl
Rattan Paper Basket, White Wash
Rattan Paper Basket, Antique Brown
French Country Wicker Urn
French Country Round Tray
French Country Market Cart
Cottage Cord Basket
Rectangular Rush Basket
Oyster Basket
Oyster Basket
From $200
French Country Flower Basket *PREORDER*
Sweater Weave Flower Basket
Cottage Market Produce Bowl
Cottage Linens Basket
French Country Yarn Basket
Large Rectangular Rush Basket *PREORDER*
French Country Fireplace Basket
French Country Collector's Basket
Tall French Country Market Cart
Collapsable Black Pom Pom Seagrass Basket
Collapsable Round Silver Seagrass Basket